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Midwifery care is all about your continuity of care when you fall pregnant. At our practice, we believe in woman centred pregnancy care. Our Practice Midwife is a key expert for our future Mums, and our team offers a unique perspective for the Perth metro area: an antenatal journey where the benefits of quality midwifery care meet the benefits of working with your private obstetrician.

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I'm pregnant. What happens now?

midwifery care Murdoch Perth

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Antenatal care with the midwife

As a general rule, you will see our practice midwife during your pregnancy for regular antenatal care. A general framework of your appointments throughout your pregnancy will be something like this:

  • 4-8 weeks - Contact the rooms and organise a booking with your obstetrician. Speak to our practice midwife and ensure that you understand all required investigations and that you have initiated the requests.

  • 10-14 weeks - Your initial appointment with Dr Anna Holmes, timing dependent on the relevant early testing and screening options that you may have had. We regularly attempt to have relevant scans done on the same day as your initial appointment with Anna. It means that you will not need to take as much time off and that you will be able to do this with one visit to the hospital.

  • 16-17 weeks - Your antenatal appointment with Marie. She will check your blood pressure and listen to your baby’s heartbeat. There will be plenty of time to discuss your pregnancy to date and answer any new questions that you may have. The midwife will also organise the requests for any tests or scans that may be required. This is where you will really feel that continuity of care really makes a difference when you are pregnant.

  • 20-21 weeks - This appointment with Anna usually comes after you have had your main fetal anatomy scan. Our focus is on making it convenient for you, and we will endeavour to organise your scan here at St John of God Murdoch Hospital. Rather than running around for multiple appointments, it means that you need less time off work and you only plan one trip to the hospital campus.

  • 24 weeks - Your regular check-up is once again with Marie unless there are any complications with your pregnancy at which point you will, of course, see Anna as your obstetrician.

  • 28 weeks - This appointment with Anna will be following your gestational diabetes screening so Anna can give you the results and discuss any issues that may arise from these results. At this point, a formal growth scan will be performed. As a qualified obstetric ultrasonographer, Dr Holmes will be able to perform this in the rooms. Again, it makes the journey more convenient and it also means there is no additional cost.

  • 30-41 weeks - As your pregnancy progresses, you will see Anna and Marie generally on an alternating basis, first fortnightly and then weekly assuming there are no other contributing factors requiring closer monitoring. Whenever you see Anna she will perform growth scans to monitor your baby closely. The goal is to potentially pick up any issues before they arise.
midwifery care Murdoch Perth

Obstetrics Murdoch

Gestational diabetes - Qualified diabetes educator

Some pregnant women are diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Our midwife Marie is also a qualified Diabetes Educator, so you will not need to go to a third party provider if you were diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

If this were the case, you would again benefit from this very important continuity of care. It really helps if you are seeing someone you have met before, and you have this relationship of trust. Marie will be able to provide you with education, to manage your gestational diabetes. What that means is that she will help you manage your blood sugar levels, to minimise the impact of gestational diabetes on your baby and on your own health.

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CTGs - Regular monitoring if required

Antenatal Cardiotocography, more commonly known as CTG, means that a monitor is applied to your belly to record your baby’s heartbeat.

This type of monitoring is regularly used in labour, and it can also be applied during the later stages of your pregnancy. Your obstetrician or your midwife will suggest CTGs if there are any complicating factors such as reduced movements or concerns about growth.

We have a CTG machine here in our rooms and Marie will be able to perform a monitoring session when required. Being able to book a CTG here at our private practice saves you having to go to a busy ward, and it minimises your waiting time.

Murdoch Obstetrics care

Our postnatal midwifery care

After you have had your baby, you will be looked after on the ward by St John of God Murdoch Hospital’s midwives. Anna will also see you regularly whilst you are an inpatient, and so will Marie.

After the birth of your baby, you may still have many questions, and we believe that you deserve to see someone you already know.

And even as you are ‘discharged’ and take your baby home - especially if this is your first baby - there will be more questions. By then you will know Marie, and she will be there for you to answer questions over the phone or she may be available for you here at the rooms if you feel this would be beneficial.

As part of her role in your postnatal midwifery care, organised from our rooms here at St John of God Murdoch Hospital, our midwife will be able to direct you to the most appropriate resources to assist you.

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